Who is Abeona?

According to Roman Mythology, Abeona is the Goddess of Journey. She guards children as they take their first steps away from home to explore the world.

Today, mobile smart phones have become the gateway to the world for our children.

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What is Abeona?

RealNetworks offers Abeona for parents concerned with their children's smartphone access and safety. Abeona, installed on a child's Android phone, allows parents to monitor and regulate application access.

Parents use Abeona Dashboard on their phones to monitor and control child's phone and application use. Parents can see statistics, and can grant or deny access to any application on the child's phone at any time.

Abeona - Guide your kids

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You can control the level of access

  • Access Control Mode allows you to select which apps the kid can use
  • Kid has full access to the device in Monitoring Mode
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Access Control Mode - Kid only has access to the apps that you choose.